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IP Video Track Sessions by Viodi

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Note, the following sessions are included with the basic registration for Telecom05. To see the full program and to register, please click here.

Sunday, October 23rd
1:00pm - 2:15pm On Demand Success Stories (Veronese, 2404)
2:45pm - 4:00pm The Consumer as Producer (Veronese, 2404)
Monday, October 24th
10:00am - 11:15am Look Ma, No Headend (Veronese, 2404)
11:30am - 12:45pm Standardize This! Can’t we work it out? (Veronese, 2404),
1:45pm - 3:00pm Interactive TV: Is it IPTV’s Edge? (Veronese, 2404)
Tuesday, October 25th
12:45pm - 2:00pm Next Generation Peer to Peer – Where do Telco’s fit? (Veronese, 2404)
2:30pm - 3:45pm High Definition – A Must Have or a Must-Carry? (Veronese, 2404)
Wednesday, Oct. 26th
3:45pm - 5:00pm Content Differentiation – What’s an operator to do? (Veronese, 2405)

On Demand Success Stories, 1:00pm - 2:15pm, Sunday, 10/23

The Dot Com bubble hype of VOD is long gone. It can now be argued that VOD is past the era of deflated expectations and is beginning to be a significant contributor to many operators’ bottom line. Yet the total market represented by both server and push VOD customers is still relatively small and the market still could be considered in the early stage of growth. This panel will explore the attributes of successful on-demand operations. Additionally, the panelists will discuss the challenges to and the opportunities in making on-demand a universally used feature.

Moderator: Ken Pyle, President, Viodi, LLC
Sean Henry, VP Program Planning & Scheduling, iNDEMAND
Steve Curran, VP of Sales, ViewNow

Jim Riley, EVP Sales and Business Development, TVN
Russell Zack, Chief Operations Officer, Cauldron Solutions

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The Consumer as Producer, 2:45pm - 4:00pm, Sunday, 10/23

Some have called it the democratization of content production. The proliferation of low cost and easy to use tools, such as digital cameras, camcorders, and image manipulation software, has made it easy for anyone to be a producer as well as consumer of content. This session will explore the practical realities of such a major shift in the content production and distribution, as well as the near term and long term implications for the network. Methods for generating revenue, such as via advertising or subscription, to support the business model will also be examined.

Moderator, Mary Coller Albert, President, Delight Networks
Angela Abshier, Producer - Las Vegas, The 48 Hour Film Project
Ed Lee, Director of Business Development, Akimbo
Dimtry Shapiro, CEO, Veoh

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Look Ma, No Headend, 10:00am - 11:15am, Monday, 10/24

As telcos race to add video services to their existing bundles of voice and Internet, the challenges appear daunting. Outside plant must be upgraded, a new business must be learned and expensive investments in headends and programming must be made. For smaller telcos that have limited staff, the challenges presented by these activities are sometimes insurmountable if done in-house. Another model is to outsource headend and programming to third-parties, thereby allowing the telco to focus on providing the best service possible. This panel will feature a discussion among the leading providers in this nascent segment as to why they have the winning approach for the small telco.

Moderator: Charles Jablonski, Consultant
Mark Ellison, Sr. VP Legal and Business Affairs , NRTC
Gary Hatch, CEO, ATCI
Mike Kazmier, President, Auroras TV
Jay Stark, EVP Sales & Marketing, Broadstream
Todd Daniels, VP/GM IPTV Solutions, Eagle Broadband
Bruce Haymes, Sr. V.P, Corporate Development and Strategy, PanAm Sat Corp.

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Standardize This! Can’t we work it out, 11:30am - 12:45pm, Monday, 10/24

One of the promised benefits of IPTV in the last mile has been the potential of plug and play components. The reality is that the promise has not yet lived up to this reality. This panel will feature a diverse set of panelists who will look at those areas where standards and industry-wide interoperability are needed if IPTV is going to reach its full potential.

Moderator: Leon Hofer, Vice President Network Operations, Iowa Network Services
Bill DeMuth, VP & CTO, SureWest Communications
Jim Welch, Sr. Consulting Engineer, IneoQuest
Francois Cosquer, Chief Security Architect, Alcatel North America
Ian Locke, VP of Strategic Alliances, Envivio Inc

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Interactive TV: Is it IPTV’s edge? 1:45pm - 3:00pm, Monday, 10/24

The right interactive application can drive new revenue or be an enabler for other services. For instance, digital cable and satellite would not have achieved their level of success without the introduction of the now ubiquitous interactive program guide. Industry experts will compare and contrast IPTV with other methods for serving up interactive television.

Moderator: Allison Dollar, CEO, The Interactive Television Alliance
Mitch Berman, Corporate. VP Global Marketing, C-Cor
Jay Schiller, VP Business Development, Atlas on Demand
Scott Holmes, President, United Future
LuJack Ewell, Chief Network Architect, Conklin-Intracom

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Next Generation Peer to Peer – Where do Telco’s fit it? 12:45pm - 2:00pm, Tuesday, 10/25

The popular notion has been that peer to peer distribution of content is the domain of backers and others who would use the web for illegal activities. The legitimate uses of distributed computing environment far outweigh the negative as even content holders are beginning to recognize. This panel will look at the ecosystems that have evolved to make peer to peer a content distribution system of the 21st century.

Moderator – Marty Lafferty, CEO, DCIA
Les Ottolenghi, CEO, INTENT MediaWorks
Frank Chindamo, President & CEO, Fun Little Movies (FLM)
Chip Venters, CEO, Digital Containers
Steve Stebbins, EVP, RightsLine
Stan Moyer, Executive Director, Telcordia

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High Definition – A Must Carry or a Must Have? 2:30pm - 3:45pm, Tuesday, 10/25

The mandate for the complete transition to digital off-air broadcasts is a little more than a year away, but much controversy surrounds this somewhat arbitrary date. With the explosion of HDTV televisions and the proliferation of low-cost HDTV consumer and professional production tools, the demand for HDTV content is increasingly being driven by the consumer. This panel will discuss the market implications of HDTV and whether or not it has become a must-have. Additionally, panelists will look at minimum encoding requirements that will meet the need of the content owners, while fitting into the plans of network operators. Finally, some of the regulatory impacts of HDTV, such as Must-Carry status will be discussed.

Moderator: Steve Hawley, Principal Consulting Analyst, Advanced Media Strategies
Dave Davies, Vice President, Strategy and Product Management, Subscriber Networks Scientific Atlanta
William Helmly, President, Home Telephone
Amy Hendrickson, Sr. VP Sales & Marketing, The Outdoor Channel

Ned Mountain, COO & President, Wegener

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Content Differentiation – What’s an operator to do? 3:45pm - 5:00pm, Wednesday, 10/26

Compare any cable, telco, or satellite channel line-up and, from a consumer’s point of view, most of the channels that can be found on a telco’s system are the same as what can be found on a cable or satellite provider. Is the new operator in town destined for just another “me-too” offering. This panel of experienced operators will share their techniques for enhancing and packaging a product that, if not carefully marketed, could be just another commodity.

Moderator – Paul Bertino, Director of Sales and Marketing, Hickory Tech
Douglas Frazier, Co-founder/Co-Chairman, Urban Telephone & Video (UTV)
Jim Rennard, Vice President of Finance, Canby Telephone Association
Stephen Klein, Director Video Solutions Marketing, Zhone Technologies

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