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Justoaqui Multimedia Search Engine

Justoaqui is a broadband content portal and guide created on the perception that broadband access will become increasingly a commodity and that the competitive appeal of high speed internet will ultimately be the content and its form of delivery and presentation.

Launched in 2000, Justoaqui is now the premier destination for the broadband users of Brazil and the equivalent of 30% of them visit the Justoaqui web properties each month. In addition to its portal, Justoaqui operates and co-brands its services to some of the largest internet players in Brazil, such as MSN Brazil (Microsoft Networks) and the country's largest cable broadband ISPs, Virtua (owned by Globo, Brazil's largest media group) and Ajato (owned by Abril, Brazil's second largest media group).

Having established a strong base in Brazil, they are looking to bring their product to the United States. They are open to a variety of business arrangements from a licensing the technology to an outright sale of the service. They have engaged Viodi to help them in their quest for a U.S. partner(s).

This product could be very useful for any telecommunications or entertainment entity that wishes to create a richer and stickier multimedia web presence, market to special interest groups such as the US Hispanic community, and/or expand overseas. In addition to being able to search for multimedia files, the Justoaqui service includes a “cartoon maker” that allows people to create and send their own content

The technology incorporates the following engines and databases:

To see a demonstration of this service which has been partially translated into English, please click here. Clicking on “video” or “toon maker” will open additional pages that have been translated into English. The process of converting the site to English for a U.S. audience will be fairly fast. To learn more about this unique opportunity, please contact us at [email protected].

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