Telco Video 101
A Primer for Telcos That Are New to Video

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The Telco Video 101 workshop is designed for telcos new to the video business, although it is relevant for telcos that have deployed video and need additional staff education. This workshop provides a primer on all aspects of the video business and looks at the challenges and opportunities surrounding a telco’s entry into the video market. It is a cost-effective way for a telco to get their entire team up to speed and on the same page with regards to video.

Feature Benefit
• No travel required

cost-effective way to educate entire telco team without losing valuable work time

• Consistent message

entire team hears the same message

• Puts conferences in context

increases productivity at conferences in discussions with vendors

• Best Practices of other telcos

find out what other telcos are doing, saving deployment time and money


Independent Telco Local Content Workshop Overview

Viodi draws upon materials collected from its nationally recognized newsletter, as well as from the experts who speak at the many conferences it produces. The workshop is customized to meet the specific needs of each telco. The workshop is hosted at the telco, saving thousands of dollars in travel expenses. At the end of this intense day, the team will be better equipped to deal with the array of video vendors and better absorb the messages heard at industry conferences.

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