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Independent Telco Local Content Workshop
Brought to you by the people who bring the Heartland to Hollywood

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Time Agenda Item
8:15-8:30 Registration & Coffee / Pastries / Juices - included with workshop.

Opening Comments & Overview:

What’s the big deal about local content? Does the world really need another local origination channel? This session provides an overview of the day’s workshop and shows the reasons why local content can be a compelling part of a telco’s video or web-site offering.


Motivations for IOCs to Create Local Content:

Local content can provide a cost-effective marketing tool that competitors with far-away headquarters cannot easily duplicate. Being involved in the production of local content builds upon the many community-centric activities that the independent telco already provides. This session will focus on the subtle marketing benefits of local content creation.

9:15- 10:15

Content sources – Tap your local talent sources:

This session will provide ideas and actual examples of how you can leverage your relationships with other pillars of the community, such as churches, schools and local businesses, to create content that is compelling and will differentiate you from the competition. This session will also look at different advertising alternatives.

10:30-10:45 Break

Protecting Your IP - Intellectual Property, That Is

The world of Hollywood has an entirely different definition of the abbreviation, I.P. – Intellectual Property. This session will discuss the long-term importance of intellectual property and licensing to your business. Additionally, it will provide sample contracts that a telco can use to protect the intellectual property they create or license.


Lunch & Tour of Inland Tel's Production Facility

Retain and gain subscribers with local content? Representatives from Inland Telephone will explain how local content has enhanced their service offering. They will show how they are producing content and provide a tour of their production facility. As a side note, Inland Telephone’s hometown of Roslyn had a brush with Hollywood in the 90s as a location set for the television show, Northern Exposure.

Roslyn, WA


Local Content – Where Broadband Intersects Television

Local content is not only for television. Social media sites, like Facebook, Linked In and My Space, point to the importance of personalized content to today’s consumer. An operator must employ a strategy that crosses their broadband and television products in order to meet the customers’ demand for viewing and interacting content on their terms. This session will feature an overview of different approaches to making this happen.




Content Brainstorming, Samples & Production

Are there ways a telco can leverage nationally recognized content to augment their own local content creations? This session will offer telcos a chance to brainstorm ideas as to how they can create content that will truly be unique to their area. It will also be a chance for telcos to learn of some other content creation ideas from other independent telcos. An overview of the content included with the conference will be given. Additionally, Tim Kelly of Echelon Studios will give an overview of their content offering.


Tips, Tools, Process & Mistakes

From cameras to editing suites, the production of video content seems like a daunting task for the typical independent telco. Independent telcos from around the country have proven that it is possible, however, to create content without breaking the bank. This session will focus on some of the tools and techniques that can be used to maximize a telco’s investment in the creation of unique video content.

Note, the above agenda may be modified by Viodi, without prior notice, to ensure that it best meets the needs of the workshop participants. Feedback or questions regarding this agenda are encouraged. Please send them to ken dot pyle at

Materials Include:

The One Person Local Content Plan

The one person local content plan synthesizes best practices from the local content efforts of independent telcos from across the U.S. It is a great template for those just starting out in local content production, as well as a good reference for experienced content producers.

Workshop CD-ROM ($99 value)

Bonus Videos DVD ($99 Value)

DVD Cover

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