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Viodi View Newsletter - July 18th, 2007

Click here to learn about Viodi's Local Content Workshops
Click here to learn about Viodi's Local Content Workshops

By Ken Pyle, ken.pyle at, Managing Editor, Viodi View

Welcome to ViodiTV and the Viodi View’s coverage of OPASTCO’s 2007 Summer Convention hailing from Anchorage, Alaska. We have been struggling to broadcast ViodiTV via the in-house cable networks of a couple of the OPASTCO convention hotels over the past few days. It is now up and running at the Captain Cook hotel for those of you lucky enough to be staying in that fine establishment.

The people helping us at the various hotels have been very helpful, however, and are great representatives of the friendly Alaskan population. Our efforts to get ViodiTV online led us to an interesting interview with the folks behind the Alaska Channel – more on this in the next issue. If you are not staying at the Captain Cook hotel, please check out the coverage at

John Rose reiterates OPASTCO’s view on Net Neutrality, which may surprise some people who are not familiar with OPASTCO. He also stresses the importance of independent telcos being able access to content at competitive prices. Watch this video to see and hear our interview with Mr. Rose.

Video of John Rose of OPASTCO

A Significant Talk

Roger Nishi, 2007 OPASTCO Chairman, gave a heartfelt opening speech that touched upon the significance of OPASTCO and the significance of its members to their communities. Tim McElligott of Telephony has an excellent summary of Nishi’s comments. Nishi had one of the most memorable entries of all time, which you can view in the following video.

Roger Nishi with his sled dogs

Youth Are Still Our Present (Club Viodi or OPASTCO Members Only)

Just about the time this issue of the Viodi View hits your email inbox, I should be moderating a roundtable session at OPASTCO titled, Youth Our Are Present. This will be an interesting experience, as the panel will consist of 8 youth from around the country discussing how they use Media and Technology. I will be throwing in statistics from a recently completed study that Viodi undertook with the help of independent telcos from around the country. To see the comments I plan to use to open the panel, assuming I stay on script, please click here.

Youth Panelists

Click here to learn more about Innovative Systems

ViodiTV @ OPASTCO Brought to You By Innovative Systems - Thanks!

The Future Is Now

A few years ago, I had the privilege of penning a column in this space: “Youth are the present.” The premise of that article is true now more than ever: Young people are harbingers for future network requirements, and it is important to stay attuned to their desires. Click here to read the rest of this article, which ran in the June issue of Telephony’s Independent. [Editor’s note: This was originally going to be in the July issue of the Independent. Bernie Arnason of Pivot Media, LLC makes some good points on the upcoming spectrum auctions in the current issue of the Independent].

A Real Live U-verse Customer – The Video

I have wanted to see AT&T’s U-verse in action since its launch last year. I got a chance to in a hastily arranged video interview with a friend who only lives a few miles away from the Pyle domicile [Note, the poor quality of the video is a result of my friend’s dying four year old television set]. In this video interview, Mark Snow expresses what he has liked about the service and a few of the things he would like to see improved. In the end, technology and gee-whiz features take a back seat to have an easy to use offering that provides great value. Watch this exclusive video by clicking here.

Screen shot of the Uverse guide - click to watch video interview

Wireless Mobility Expense Management by Alan J. Weissberger

In today’s fast pace, multi-tasking environment, enterprises must support “on the go” workers that are running multiple applications (e.g. email, contacts, calendar scheduling, CRM, ERP), creating financial reports and accessing sensitive corporate data on their wireless devices. Escalating spending with common carriers and increased costs to support mobile devices are putting pressure on IT departments to manage wireless expenses. In an industry white paper entitled, Mobile Wireless Communications Management and Enterprise Telecommunications Management, Rivermine Software states: T he costs and risks associated with mobile wireless communications are in an unrestrained spiral." We would certainly agree with that! Click here to read the rest of this article.

[Editor’s Note: This is the link to Weissberger’s previous Viodi View article, Bull and Bear Debate Part III : Enterprise Wireless LANs - Are the advantages worth the risks?

People on the Move

Tony Atwater is now applying his IPTV talents, knowledge and expertise with CCI, a broadband design, construction and maintenance company, in his new business development role. Tony can be reached at antonio dot atwater at

Honey Berman, well known and well respected for putting together some big content deals when she was with companies like Seachange and ViewNow, is actively seeking new opportunities where she can apply her content acquisition and marketing skills. Contact Honey at hberman at

The Korner -Leaders for the Next Generation

I am concerned that the youth I have assembled for the panel I am moderating today, Youth Are Our Present, do not really represent the entire spectrum of personalities. These kids are truly outstanding and will be great citizens. I was extremely impressed with their maturity when we had pizza together the other day. Interestingly, only two of the eight panelists have uploaded videos to a web video site (both uploaded to YouTube).

Bryan Fonville, a practical guy if ever there was one (he is an Econ major after all), used YouTube to further his political career. Click below to watch his amusing video that helped get him elected as External Vice President of the Baylor Student Body. Maybe he should be advising the politicians in the 2008 White House race.

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