This web site is the home of Club Viodi. The goal of this site is to advance the deployment of video services by independent telephone companies. This is our attempt to create an independent voice to Hollywood and beyond for the independent telcos.

In this case, video services can be broadcast or on-demand; they don't even have to be traditional television service, as this brave new interactive world will embrace all sorts of new and unthought of entertaining and educational services. This site will focus on the marketing and technology aspects of "video" as it relates to independent telcos and will embrace all approaches that make sense for independent telcos.


Club Viodi will achieve the above mission by:

- Dissemination of information, from industry sources as well as Club members

- Provide products and services, at discounted rates, for Club members.

- Provide a forum for Independent Telephone Companies to learn about video from one another.


Only independent telephone companies and their employees are eligible for membership in Club Viodi. Viodi reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy, as appropriate.


This is a beta site, so there is much content that we have, but have not yet posted. A major makeover for the site (not for me, although my wife would argue for that) is planned and it will look a ton better, as my friend Kurt Iverson will be doing the work. Any feedback will be much appreciated as to content ideas or structure.

One thing, at some point in the near-future, is to make this a nominal pay site. Any ideas on how to best do this would be appreciated, such as:

Should the payment be on a company by company basis or on an individual basis?

What would a fair payment be?

Should their be tiered areas? For instance, some materials might be relevant for one telco, but not another. My thought is to make it inexpensive enough that this isn't an issue.

Keep in mind, I would like to keep this free of sponsors and private only to independent telcos, thus making it totally free from outside influence.

Lastly, should trade associations be allowed to be members? How about Engineering firms?

Thank you for wading through these questions. They will probably be posted in club.viodi forum, at some point, to make responses easy. In the meantime, please feel free to email me at [email protected].